GF Mix

A new focus on healthy, nutritious and gut friendly flour mixes

GF Mix is a nut free, egg free, dairy free, low FODMAP, vegan friendly, gut friendly, low GI flour mix base.
Commercial and home bakers are now able to produce highly nutritious and amazing gluten free breads.
Our guiding belief is that gluten-free flour mixes can create outcomes that can be as enjoyable to eat as equivalent gluten-based (wheat) products, for all consumers, and with significant health advantages.

Commercial Bakery
Bread Mix

The gluten-free commercial bread mix is available in 12.5kg packages.

Retail Home
Bread Mix

The gluten-free retail home bread mix is available in 700g, 4.2kg packages.

Pastry Mix
Watch this space!

A gluten-free pastry mix, to be released in 4.2kg and 12.5kg packages.

Our Nutrition Values

We hear about many gluten-free products being made from over processed “empty starches” that do not provide the nutrition of wheat breads. Breads made with our "Tru-Dough" Flour Mix provide many health benefits. In response we have developed breads that are low FODMAP, low GI and have a 4/5 Health Star rating, even for our white breads.